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Saint Nectaire campsite

A famous village at 45 minutes from Clermont Ferrand

Saint-Nectaire is a village located in the department of Puy-de-Dôme in Auvergne, France. It is best known for its cheese of the same name, which has been produced in the region for centuries. Saint-Nectaire cheese is an uncooked pressed cheese made from cow's milk. It is matured for about six weeks before being put on sale.

The village of Saint-Nectaire is also known for its historical and cultural heritage. It is home to many buildings dating back to the Middle Ages, such as the Auvergne Romanesque church that stands on Mont Cornadore in Saint-Nectaire.

It is also a popular tourist spot for nature lovers, with hiking trails in the surrounding mountains, such as the Massif du Sancy, that offer stunning views of the Alps. There is also the Saillant waterfall, which attracts visitors in summer.

In summary, Saint-Nectaire is a charming and welcoming village, which offers visitors the opportunity to discover its rich cultural and historical heritage, taste its famous cheeses and enjoy the surrounding nature.

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To visit in Saint Nectaire

The Grotte de Cornadore is a unique and fascinating place to discover. Guided tours allow visitors to discover the wonders of this cave and to understand its history and formation. The cave is equipped with a lighting system and pathways for a safe visit. Visitors can also admire the beautiful concretions and stalactites that adorn the cave. It is an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

visit the Caves of Cornadore

The Grotte de Châteauneuf is a unique experience that allows visitors to discover the wonders of nature. This cave is located in the mountains of the Massif Sancy, the trails allow a safe visit. It is an experience not to be missed by nature and adventure lovers.

visit the Chateauneuf Caves

Petrifying Fountains : Petrifying cave, volcanic springs, manufacturing workshops, petrification ladders... Come and discover the know-how of the Master Craftsman during an unusual visit! After an escapade in the cave, the hot springs will lead you to the manufacturing workshops. Here, the secrets of a unique craft have been preserved for two centuries. You will discover the ancestral know-how of the craftsman: the craft of petrification. The Petrifying Fountain, with its surprising 14-metre high waterfall, will amaze the whole family. At the end of the visit, the limestone creations will no longer hold any secrets for you! You will be able to appreciate the great diversity of the bas-reliefs and crystallizations.

Visit the Petrifying Fountains

Myocastors zoological park and kangaroos : The Myocastors educational park is a nature and environment discovery area located in St Nectaire, in the Auvergne. It is dedicated to the protection and awareness of beavers, these fascinating animals that play an important role in the regulation of aquatic environments. Visitors can discover the different aspects of beaver life through discovery trails, animations and educational workshops adapted to all ages. Children can participate in fun activities such as role-playing games, treasure hunts and scientific experiments. Adults can also learn about beavers through lectures and guided tours. By visiting the Myocastors educational park, you can not only discover these fascinating animals, but also learn about the importance of protecting them and preserving their natural habitat.

Visit the Myocastors educational park

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